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Brown Trout Fishing


Greg Gardiner

brown trout

Let Greg be your guide along the world famous Brown Trout rivers of the upper South Island of New Zealand. Taking in the rivers of the Nelson / Marlborough / West Coast / Hanmer regions.

The fishing is predominantly sighted fishing where you are either casting Nymphs or Dry Flies to spotted fish. Average sizes of Browns over these areas are in the 4Lb range, with fish each year being caught that go into the double digits. Greg over the last 8 years has built up an extensive knowledge of the better fish producing rivers in these regions, and combined with an attitude that what you want as an angler comes first will make your trip a very memorable one indeed. Greg is also a member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association. Make sure you have a look at some of the pictures on the gallery page to get an appreciation of what you can expect on a guided trip with Greg.

Fishing Season:
The open fishing season for trout in the Nelson / Marlborough / West Coast / Hanmer regions runs from the 1st of October till the 30th of April. There is limited access to lower reaches of certain rivers during the rest of the year. November through till February is the busiest period in the season. Generally the fish are easier to catch at the beginning rather than at the end of this period.

Fishing Licences:
To legally fish any river in New Zealand you must purchase a licence first. These can be bought at most sports stores throughout the country and are also available from Fish and Game offices. The licence fee covers the management of the fish and birds that inhabit the waterways in New Zealand.

From a Satisfied Client:
Dear Greg,
"I just returned home to the United States after spending approximately five years in the Nelson Region of New Zealand. I am a very passionate fly fisherman and took good advantage of what Nelson had to offer. I met Greg Gardiner early on, developing a long term friendship and relationship. Greg is an extremely energetic, knowledgeable fellow and very enjoyable to be around. Patience and persistency are some of his remarkable virtues. He guided me well over seventy-five to eighty times while I was in New Zealand. Each time was productive and memorable. I have recommended him to all my friends and to anyone who would like to have the ultimate opportunity to partake of the amazing New Zealand fishery."

Michael C. Romney, MD
Gig Harbor, Washington.


Greg with a 10.25lb brown trout

New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association

Member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association

fly fishing for brown trout in New Zealand fly fishing for brown trout in New Zealand